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Kipps Patch Microgreens is a Christchurch based business that currently produces a wide range of Microgreens, which are well received by top restaurants in Christchurch and leading tourist resorts around the South Island. Our company, Kipps Patch Microgreens Limited, has been established alongside our pepper operation and is continually expanding to enable additional quantities and a wider range of produce than in the past.

We are able to supply freshly cut quantities of our full range from our modern hydroponics system. Microgreens are available in 50 gm punnets and we are able to supply in alternative sizes upon request. Larger quantities, special orders and mixes for colour, flavour or aroma can be arranged, preferably in advance, using any varieties or our range as required.

Here is a copy of our latest flyer: Kipps Patch Microgreen Flyer



Kipps Patch Microgreens was recently featured in the May 2016 issue of Avenues magazine as the Business of the month.


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The article can be seen here on page 48 (you need to login to view it): May 2016 issue of Avenues


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If you have any further questions or would like more information please contact us:
Our Address:
Kipp's Patch Microgreens
65 Walters Road
Christchurch 8051
Tel: (03) 385 5577
Mob: (Kipp) 021 189 7551
Mob: (Caryl) 021 116 2593
Email: kipps-patch[at]xtra.co.nz


Photo of Viola Microgreen