Buying Information


Where to buy/Stockists

Kipps Patch Microgreens does not sell their products online however they are available at the following outlets/stores:


- Bidvest ()

- Peter Rabbit's Patch ()

- Foodstuffs (Raeward Fresh, select New Worlds) ()
If not in stock ask produce manager about availability.

- Fresh Connection ()


Delivery/Ordering Information


For customers with regular orders we normally harvest and within Canterbury, arrange same-day delivery


For casual customers or non regular orders we cannot always guarantee to supply all varieties or quantities – to minimise waste our crop schedule is organised around our regular customers - however:
- No problem - we usually have substitute microgreens - ask.
- Place a regular order!
After harvest we normally place the packaged microgreen produce in transparent labelled punnets:

Punnet Information/Punnet Sizes

The punnets come in a variety of sizes ranging from a "Chef's Punnet" to the Supermarket sized punnets.

A Chef's Punnet contains 50 grams of product and can be seen below.

The supermarket punnet is a smaller sized punnet and contains 30 grams of microgreens.

Chef's Punnet

The image below shows a mixed Chef's Punnet - which contains 50 grams of product.


Photograph of Chef's Punnet


Supermarket Punnet

The supermarket punnets are a smaller 30 gram variety. The picture below shows a mixed punnet which has three types of microgreen inside it.


Photograph of Chef's Punnet