Handling Info


Handling and Storage Information

- For best results Microgreens should be stored at 4 deg Celsius

- Once they have reached this temperature they should not be allowed to warm - as if then re-cooled their shelf life is dimished.

- Ideally they should be used directly from the fridge and returned immediately.

- Always check Microgreen punnets on receipt

- If they are too moist - remove them from the punnet and pat them dry with an absorbent paper towel
They can then be placed back into the punnet or another suitable container. This will help to extend the shelf life

- Excess moisture is usually gently spun out prior to packing

- Microgreens should not be used directly on hot dishes - unless they are plated on it immediately before serving - this is to prevent them from wilting from the heat.


Microgreens are agricultural produce and are sold as such.


Microgreens, by encapsulating this unique transitional plant development phase between sprout and baby green are a special product – more than a passing fad – probably the closest to best of all worlds. Here is some feedback about Kipps Patch Microgreens – what separates them from others:
- Exceptional freshness (shelf life)
- Zero wastage - no extra trimming - and hydroponics minimises media grit
- Range of colours, aromas and flavours providing both aesthetic and culinary delight


Here is a sample of some of the innovative uses:
- Pasta, mie (noodles) and stir-fries with popcorn shoots and intensified coriander - includes optional seed coats
- West Coast style: magnificent in sandwiches and side salads
- Herb substitutes – compared with conventional herbs, microgreen basil and coriander for example provide exceptional value per gram